Family Questionaire

I am researching our family history.  I would love to have additional information about the families of my cousins, aunts, and uncles.  If you are a relative, please consider taking a few minutes to answer the questions below.  They are basically your name and birth information and the information of your spouse and children.  If you have children who are married, please take a moment to either have them complete the questions or complete the questions for them.

To complete the form, you can print and mail it to me (if you need my address, message me privately or email me and I will send it to you) or email me the information at  The format below is only a suggestion, I am mainly looking for the information the exact format isn’t that important to me.

Also, if you have any family stories you would like to share, I would love to hear them. Please email them to me.



Family Questionnaire

Husband’s Name: _____________________________________________________

Birth Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Christening Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Death Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Burial Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Husband’s Father’s Name: ________________________________________________

Husband’s Mother’s Name: ________________________________________________

Husband’s Paternal Grandfather’s Name: _________________________________________

Husband’s Paternal Grandmother’s Name: _________________________________________

Husband’s Maternal Grandfather’s Name: _________________________________________

Husband’s Maternal Grandmother’s Name: _________________________________________
Wife’s Name (maiden name): ______________________________________________

Birth Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Christening Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Death Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Burial Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Wife’s Father’s Name: __________________________________________________________

Wife’s Mother’s Name: __________________________________________________________

Wife’s Paternal Grandfather’s Name: ____________________________________________

Wife’s Paternal Grandmother’s Name: ____________________________________________

Wife’s Maternal Grandfather’s Name: ____________________________________________

Wife’s Maternal Grandmother’s Name: ____________________________________________
Marriage Date: __________ Place: ____________________
1. Name: (Male / Female): ______________________________________________

Birth Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Christening Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Death Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Burial Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Spouse (maiden name): ______________________________________________________
2. Name: (Male / Female): ______________________________________________________

Birth Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Christening Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Death Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Burial Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Spouse (maiden name): ________________________________________________
3. Name: (Male / Female): _______________________________________________

Birth Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Christening Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Death Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Burial Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Spouse (maiden name): _____________________________________________
4. Name: (Male / Female): ______________________________________________

Birth Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Christening Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Death Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Burial Date: __________ Place: ____________________

Spouse (maiden name): ____________________________________________
Other Information:






Finally Getting Organized: January Checklists Updates

I have setup my genealogy work area and designated a “When Genealogy Help Arrives” Notebook as well as established a research log process through the Legacy Family Tree Research Guidance, To-Do List, and Sourcing features.  I don’t need the “When Computer Help Arrives” Notebook because I am the computer help in my family!

My backup processes for my genealogy are covered by my OneDrive Storage Location for my Genealogy Files as well as a backup to a program called Crashplan.  It automatically backs up my data as well as all the computers in my home to their servers for only $14.99 per month.  The backup is in the background and done effortlessly once the inital setup is done.  I can access these files through any web browser and download them to any computer just by logging in through their website.

Using Legacy, I can set my data to be stored on Onedrive where I can access the files from anywhere.  Between OneDrive and Crashplan, I have my data backup on two separate cloud services.  I also periodically backup my data to external harddrives.

I have decided on Legacy Family Tree as my software program.

I have set aside some notebooks to use as scrapbooks for my precious family documents and photos that are the original photos and documents.  But, I have decided to be a mostly digital genealogist and I have setup digital folders under my OneDrive Genealogy folder.  I have setup Colorizer and have color-coded my folders to match the color-coding of Legacy.

I am doing the Genealogy Do-Over concurrently with the Finally Getting Organized so I am starting fresh with my data so I have only a few document images that I have found while starting my research over.  I have also decided to not transcribe every document.  Many of my documents are clear images that I don’t feel will need to be transcribed.  I think the image itself will be sufficient for those documents.  I will be transcribing obituaries and some other documents and any documents for which I don’t have clear images.

My digital folders will be organized as if they were coffee table books so that if someone asks about an ancestor, all of the documents and photos related to that person will be available in that folder.  It will also be convenient for the PassageExpress program that I will be using for Christmas Gifts this next year.  I have been planning these for the past several years but I never seem to get organized enough to finish them.  This is the YEAR!

I have volunteered for Family Search Indexing and indexed 8 records so far with plans to do at least 1000 records during this year.

I have added information for my siblings and their children and the only grandchild.

I think I am off to a good start this year!


Genealogy Do-Over: February Checklist

Genealogy Do-Over – Month 2

  • Establishing Base Practices and Guidelines
  • Setting Research Goals

Establishing Base Practices and Guidelines

Thomas’ Base Practices and Guidelines include the following:

1) track all work, even dead ends, negative evidence and non-productive searches; 2) cite sources, even if in a rudimentary manner to note the “what, where and when” information about a record; 3) make the “first pass the only pass” which means slow down and spend as much time as needed on a document or source and wring every bit of information out of it.


Setting Research Goals

While I have listed this topic first in this week’s series of topics, you really need some initial data (from the interviews above) before you can set research goals. Very often people set goals such as “trace my family’s Irish roots” that are too broad or are based on family lore or assumptions.

Set goals based on information from initial interviews; don’t worry if you believe some information is incorrect. Next week we will create research goals to prove or disprove data points. Create a simple list such as “verify birth location for _________” or “determine parents of _________.” Next week these goals will form the start of your research plan.

I am now going to research by following my new research plan.

Summary of the Steps

  • Create the To Do Item in Legacy
  • Perform the Research
  • If I find a document or other source, setup the source clipboard
  • Analyze and add the new data to Legacy, adding sources as I go
  • Add the digital image to the main event related to the document
  • Add other people as “witnesses” to the event selecting the correct “Role” for that person
  • Close/complete the To Do Item
  • Plan for future research by adding new To Do Items
  • File any paper documents, if original documents
  • File any images in the genealogy folders for each person mentioned in document/source
[Note: the above process is paraphrased from the process Geoff Rasmussen discussions in his book, Legacy Unlocked.]  

I am using the Research Guidance feature of Legacy to plan my research.  By choosing plan to research using this feature, a Master Source is automatically created for that information source, then when I find something in the research, I can use that Master Source to document the research.  In the detail citation, I can copy the specific information for that citation from the source, that gives me a detailed citation as well as a roadmap of the information I have found in each source document for each piece of information.

This is a new process for me and I have been testing it in Legacy this month as I complete my Genealogy Do-Over and Finally Getting Organized tasks for the month.  When I look at the source citations for each fact, I can see exactly what information was found in each source.  For instance, if one source says that the name is Tim and another says Thomas, I can tell where I got Tim when I later find a source that says Timothy and correctly evaluate the weight of each source to determine the correct name for the person.

Using the Research Guidance also helps me establish specific achievable goals for my research and guides me to research those specific sources.  The ToDos are established by clicking the Plan to Research.  Then, when I have done the research, I can document that I have researched that particular source for that particular person and the results of that research: whether I found the information using that source and added the sourced information to my genealogy software or whether I didn’t find a source for that person from that particular information.

My research is much better documented and I can easily see exactly what information that I found from which particular source.


FINALLY Get Organized! 24th-31st Jan 2016

Checklist Tasks for January 24th – 31st are as follows:

Volunteer at FamilySearch Indexing

Learn to browse the image collections at

Create surname binders for yourself (if female) and your mother’s maiden name, but leave them at that for the moment

Update your genealogy program to include your siblings

I was already a volunteer at FamilySearch for their indexing projects as I had signed up a couple of years ago and indexed a few records.  Today, I logged into my account and set a new goal for myself to index a thousand records by the end of this year.  I indexed 8 records today.

I browsed a few records at FamilySearch to familiarize myself with the process again and as I get organized and progress in my research this year, I believe that I will be browsing many of those records.

I am not creating physical binders for all my surnames but I am creating digital folders and I am color-coding them to match the color-coding of my Legacy Family Tree.  I have created folders for each of my 8 great-grandparents and color-coded them to match the Legacy color-coding.

I have included my siblings and their spouses and children and grandchildren.



The Genealogy Do-Over

I am starting the Genealogy Do-Over for 2016.  I started on the Genealogy Do-Over back at the beginning of 2015 but then life got in the way and I didn’t get much done in my genealogy in the past year.   This year is going to be different!  I am starting with the Genealogy Do-Over.  I am also following the Dear Myrtle Finally Getting Organized Series to get my genealogy information organized.

I got interested in genealogy many years ago while looking through some old photos with my grandmother.  There were hundreds of photos in the trunk she was looking through.  Many of those photos weren’t labeled!  What really sparked my interest was a photo of my father as a small child standing in front of his grandparents’ home holding a chicken.  The photo was labeled “Buster holding a chicken” but the location of the photo or my great-grandparents weren’t identified.  My family had made sure that later generations could identify the chicken but not my great-grandparents!  I wanted to get the photos identified so I started scanning the photos and getting the people identified as I could.

Later, I had the opportunity to scan the photos from my mother’s mother’s collection, unfortunately this was many years after she had died.  I scanned many hundreds of photos and documents then.

The result is that I have many, many photos and documents.  A large number of the photos are still not identified and I have some of them displayed on my website on the unknown photos page.

I then proceeded to start my genealogy and I tried many different software programs and many methods of researching and adding information to those programs.  I found last year that I wasn’t happy with the results of my efforts and decided to start the genealogy do-over.  Life got in the way! But, this year, I am determined to start again and complete the Genealogy Do-Over!

January Tasks

Setting Previous Research Aside

For the purposes of the Do-Over, I have set aside all of my physical files by boxing them up and storing them for the time-being.  During the year, I will be organizing my photos and documents and adding them to my genealogy database.

As I am combining the Genealogy Do-Over and Dear Myrtle’s Finally Getting Organized, I will be modifying some of the tasks for each month to reflect my completion of the Finally Getting Organized weekly tasks.  However, this step is one I am going to completely observe.  I reformatted my computer to remove all my files from easy access ( I have these files backed up on external harddrives as well as a cloud backup service).  I boxed up all my physical files and removed them from temptation for use!   I will be organizing all these files but I am only going to use those documents that I ordered and the original document and photos from my family collection.

(Note:  many of these photos and documents from my grandmothers’ collections were original in their collections but are scanned images in my collection.  I consider these to be my originals because they are scanned images.  The actual original documents and photos were split among other relatives.)

Preparing to Research

The preparing to research part of the Genealogy Do-Over is probably the hardest part of the Genealogy Do-Over for me.  I used to research by just opening my genealogy program and just following along whatever catches my eye at the moment!  The BSOs were consuming more of my time and effort than the research I was trying to do.  I end up researching n my 5th cousin 5 times removed’s great-grandmother or great-grandchild instead of finding my Great-Grandmother’s obituary or death certificate! No More!

I wasn’t organized at all.  This year I am resolved to become more organized in all aspects of my life including my genealogy.

  • I will no longer research when I only have 15 minutes or when it is late at night and I am tired and ready to go to sleep.  I can’t properly focus on my research if I am too tired or rushed to properly read and analyze the information I find.
  • I am going to concentrate on identifying and telling the story of my family history instead of measuring the value of my research by the quantity of the people in my database or then number of facts associated with those people.  I want the story not the number of people.
  • I will have a clearly identified goal when I am researching so that I am not continually distracted by those BSOs and I will follow the research process recommended in Geoffrey D. Rasmussen’s book Legacy Unlocked.  I have decided to use Legacy Family Tree so the Legacy Unlocked process makes sense to me.
    • Summary of the Steps
      • Create the To Do Item in Legacy
      • Perform the Research
      • If I find a document or other source, setup the source clipboard
      • Analyze and add the new data to Legacy, adding sources as I go
      • Add the digital image to the main event related to the document
      • Add other people as “witnesses” to the event selecting the correct “Role” for that person
      • Close/complete the To Do Item
      • Plan for future research by adding new To Do Items
      • File any paper documents, if original documents
      • File any images in the genealogy folders for each person mentioned in document/source
[Note: the above process is paraphrased from the process Geoff Rasmussen discussions in his book, Legacy Unlocked.]  


Month 1 To Do List – Full Do-Over Participants

Setting Previous Research Aside: If you are sitting on a considerable amount of paper files and binders, try to sort through them and quickly pull those records that took considerable time, effort and money to order or collect. Another option is to simply put everything aside and then when you reach a point in your research where they are needed, place the task of locating that record on your To Do list. For digital files, try the same approach of moving them to a HOLD area. If you do not feel confident in your tech skills (and fear losing items or causing an error with your database software), simply commit yourself to not accessing these files unless absolutely necessary.

Preparing to Research: Think about how you have researched in the past in terms of time, location, tools used, etc. Consider making some changes. Write down some research “warm up” exercises and try them once we get to the research phase. Make a list of items that you must have available when you are researching (a copy of Evidence Explained, a spiral notebook, your copy of Evernote open on screen, etc.)

FINALLY Get Organized! Jan 17th-23rd 2016

The tasks for the January 17th – 23rd Checklists are as follows:

Transcribe every document you’ve collected on the first 4-four generations in your surname/maiden name binder.

Refile each document in the Surname/Maiden Name binder

I am also doing the Genealogy Do-Over along with the Finally Getting Organized Checklists so I don’t have any documents filed at the moment, but as I add the documents I find during my research I will be adding them to my surname folders.  I am not going to transcribe each document.  I am going to attach an image of each document to my genealogy software program and I will transcribe only those documents that are difficult to read.  I think the document images themselves will be sufficient for most of my documents.

I will only be filing in my physical binders those original documents that can’t be easily replaced.  All other documents will be scanned/photographed and stored in my digital folders.  My digital folders will then have all the documents and photographs related to that family. Documents and images related to each person when they were a child will be placed the in the folder of their parents.  Once a person marries, the documents and images will be placed in the folder for the person and their spouse.  If a document relates to more than one family, I will be placing copies in each family’s folder.  Harddrive storage is very inexpensive today so I don’t think there is any reason not to have every document related to a family in their folder.

Our surname binders will then read like a coffee table book. Related documents must be right there in the surname binder with the appropriate family group sheet, so it is easy for the non-genealogists in the family to read. It follows that the same organization system must appear digitally on our hard drives, for consistency.


FINALLY Get Organized! 10th-16th Jan 2016 Checklist

The tasks for the January 10th – 16th Checklists are as follows:


  • First, back up your data.
  • Decide on a genealogy management program.
  • Starting with yourself, ensure you’ve entered your personal data and that of the three older generations by that surname in your chosen genealogy management program.
  • Set aside a 3-ring binder for your surname
  • Label oversize tabbed 3-ring dividersand insert in the surname binder.
  • Print out family group sheets starting with yourself
  • Place the 4 family group sheets  behind the appropriate generation dividers in your surname binder.
  • Scan and file photos and documents relating to each of these four generations in your surname/maiden name binder.
  • As soon as you’ve scanned them, place all important “must save” photos and documents in top-loading page protectors
  • Add a “genealogy codicil” to your will by making an appointment with your attorney.

My previous data is backed up in the cloud through Crashplan as well as on external harddrives.  I have decided on a genealogy management program:  Legacy Family Tree.  I like that it has keyboard shortcuts for adding people and that I don’t have to use the mouse as much.  I also enjoy that it provides for automatic color-coding by family lines.  I am also color-coding my genealogy media folders in Windows to match the color-coding of the Legacy file.

I am starting my genealogy over so I don’t have a lot of information added to my genealogy management program as of yet.  I am going to add information as if it is the first time I have discovered that information.  So, as I discover new information and sort through my photos, I am going to add everything at that time.  However, I have added the names of the first three generations of my family.  I have the names and some limited information that is part of my general knowledge because I know the people involved.  I am one of those lucky people that has actually known my great-grandparents.  I personally remember 6 of the 8 great-grandparents.  Of those 6, five lived until I was at least in Junior High and 2 were alive until my senior year of high school.  So I have some information to add from my personal knowledge.

FINALLY Get Organized! 3rd-9th Jan 2016 Checklist

The tasks for the January 3rd – 9th Checklists are as follows:

1. Clear off the computer desk and make piles for everything.

2. Check your office supplies, and replace any missing or lost items, so you will have all the necessary tools to keep yourself organized.

3. Setup your computer desk and office the way you really want it!

4. Designate a special red clipboard as the “When Computer Help Arrives” clipboard.

5. Designate a special green clipboard as the “Genealogy Challenges” clipboard.

I am completely both the Finally Getting Organized Checklists as well as doing the Genealogy Do-Over.  I have put aside all genealogy materials from my previous research and I am starting over but this time, I am doing it right.  I am going to source my information and I am going to have my sources organized and readily available to show when someone asks me a question about our family history.  So my work area is cleared!  

I am not using a traditional desk to work on this time through.  I have a very lightweight and portable computer so I can do genealogy from almost anywhere.  I live in an apartment with limited space so I have decided to be mostly digital but I also have some photos that are originals and some original documents that I want to be able to preserve and share.  Those documents and photos are going to be placed in scrapbooks and photo albums in a cube storage shelf in my living room.  Those original documents and photos are also being scanned/photographed and backed up in a digital format as well.

I have a full supply of the office supplies I use and I have my work area setup the way I want.  I also haven’t designated a clipboard or other place for “When computer help arrives” because in my family I am the computer help arriving person! I am designating a notebook for the genealogy challenges so that I can have a place to write questions and challenges that I want to ask other genealogists for help in resolving.






Happy New Year

This has been a long year and in many ways a difficult year for me.  Dad is now in remission!  The new year is starting off way better than last year when I spent New Year’s Day at the hospital with Dad.

We did have a few highlights in the year including the birth of my great-nephew and some great family moments throughout the year with all of my nephews and my niece.  I am constantly amazed at how each of them is growing up and becoming the adults I know that they can be some day.

I am beginning the new year with a new plan for getting organized (As many of you might know, I seem to have a new plan for that each year.)  My plan got quickly derailed last year but I am determined to stick with it this year!

I am also going to get back into my family history this year.  I am going to follow the Genealogy Do-Over plan and Dear Myrtle’s Finally Getting Organized 2016 Weekly Series.  I will be posting more about both of these later.

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone’s dreams come true this year!


The Book of Me, Written by You: Prompt 10 – Unexplained Memories

This is not just about genealogy or family history. It is about a personal journey; a journey of rediscovery of yourself and perhaps your loved ones through your eyes.

I do have a few memories that were pretty weird! When I was a young girl I had several dreams in which I had these weird feelings of movement and I felt dizzy and disoriented and all I could see was this gray area surrounded by two sections of orange. I would feel weird when I would wake up from these dreams but not really afraid. The dreams continued periodically for many months. I didn’t understand the dreams and I couldn’t figure out what was happening to me in the dream. After a while the dreams stopped for a while but then I started having them again. A few months later, I had a weird experience that explained the dream to me and I never had the dream again.

We bought an orange and white blazer. Then, a few weeks later I had to go to the dentist and have a couple of fillings. The doctor had given me some medicine to knock me out while he was doing the fillings. I felt dizzy. I was about halfway home when I realized that this was how I felt in the dreams and the view of the floorboard with the orange surfaces surrounding the floorboard was the view from my dream.

I haven’t had these dreams since this day. We didn’t own the orange and white blazer when I started having the dreams and we weren’t even planning on trading cars at the at time.

I have had a few other weird experiences. I have had several dreams of conversations that I didn’t understand at the time. Sometimes, I didn’t even understand at the time of the dream the context of the conversation. The conversation would be about things I didn’t even know about at time of the dream. Then, weeks or months later I would realize that I was either observing or participating in the conversation from my previous dream.

I haven’t had one of these dreams in many years. However, the dreams have left me with a belief that psychic visions other psychic phenomena can be true. However, I also believe that many of the so-called psychics on tv and in the news are fakes.

I don’t have explanations for my own experiences but I dont have explanations for many of the things in the world! I believe we will understand these things someday!

This week’s prompt is Unexplained Memories

Do you have an unexplained memory or memories?

Things and times you can remember, but you are not sure where they fit into your past

The Book of Me, Written by You

By Julie Goucher 2012 – Anglers Rest Blog –


The Book of Me is a themed event enabling you to build a “Book of Me” over at least the coming year to share with your descendants, in reality this project can be as long or as short as you want it to be. So much of our time is researching our ancestors, but how much of the incidentals of our lives do we share, or know about our parents, grandparents, siblings and the people that matter to us? It is these incidental snippets that enable us to “flesh out” our ancestors and what more of a legacy could we present to our descendants or future researchers? Over the coming weeks there will be a weekly prompt enabling you to share those details and perhaps include details of things that you know of your parents, Grandparents, siblings etc. This is not just about genealogy or family history. It is about a personal journey; a journey of rediscovery of yourself and perhaps your loved ones through your eyes.