Leaves of My Family Tree

I have been researching my family tree for many years now and I am now taking the plunge and writing my family history book.  As I change the focus of my genealogy research to focus on publishing my family history, I will be changing the focus of this website.  Now, this website will be used to focus on my progress with the family history book and my findings as I insert them into the book.

This is kind of my Genealogy Do-Over!  I am now writing my family history directly into Word for ease in publishing but I am also using Ancestry Family Tree to conduct my research as well as FamilySearch.org and several other genealogy websites to collect/discover the documents to verify the family history information to be included.

I am not going to worry about other people’s concerns over how to write my book.  I am planning to distribute it to my family simply to share my knowledge of our family history so while I am going to document the sources of my family history information, I am not going to worry over the exact formatting of those citations.  I have to stop my perfectionist tendancies that lead to procrastination and simply write the book!

As I write the book, I will be publishing some of the contents on this website as well as periodic posts to discuss the progress or my thoughts on our ancestors.  I hope you enjoy the new website!

Kellie S. Thompson

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