My Great-Grandmother’s Obituary: Elsie (Reynolds) Stout

Mrs. Elsie Stout

Funeral services for Mrs. Elsie Stout, 66, 1024 Brogdon, who died July 6 in Springdale Memorial Hospital, were held this afternoon at 2 o’clock in Sisco chapel with Rev. Cecil Garrison officiating.

Pallbearers were James Thompson, Jimmy Thompson, Carlos Joe Sturdy, Randy Stout, Calvin Stout and Jimmy Williams.

Burial was in the Friendship cemetery under the direction of Sisco Funeral Chapel.

A native of Witter, she was born Nov. 11, 1906, the daughter of Thomas F. and Amelia Keck Reynolds, was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church at Kingston, and a resident of Springdale since 1950 moving from Kingston.

Survivors include her husband, Claude J. Stout of the home; three sons, Bud Stout of Fayetteville, James V. Stout of Rogers and Jerry Stout of Green Forest; one daughter, Mrs. Crawford (Gwendolyn) Thompson of Springdale; her stepmother, Mrs. Viola Reynolds of Huntsville; one brother, Melvin Reynolds of Modesto, Calif; seven step-brothers, Dewey Reynolds of Huntsville, Tommy of Highfill, Franklin of Berryville, Wesley of Hindsville, Lee Troy of Springdale, Roy of Huntsville and Junior Reynolds of Illinois; six half-sisters, Mrs. Fannie Carter and Mrs. Goldie Carpenter of Huntsville, Mrs. Sylvia Davis of Lowell, Mrs. Fawn Bryant of Witter, Mrs. Sara Jane Coble of Antioch, Wash., and Mrs. Viola Johnson of Springdale; 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

My Grandmother’s Obituary: Gwendolyn (Stout) Thompson

Gwendolyn Thompson

Gwendolyn Thompson 80, of Springdale died Oct. 26, 2006, at Circle of Life Hospice in Springdale. She was born Nov. 2, 1925 at Venus, Ark., the daughter of Claude J. and Elsie Reynolds Stout. She was a member of the Eastside Missionary Baptist Church in Fayetteville and a homemaker. She was preceded in death by her husband C. H. Thompson in 1997.

She is survived by four sons, Jerry Stout and wife Judy of Ozark, James Thompson and wife Carolyn of Fayetteville, Jimmy Thompson and wife Margaret of Springdale, and Danny Thompson and wife Diana of Clifty; one brother, James Stout of Springdale; 13 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held on Oct. 30 at Sisco Funeral Chapel of Springdale, with James Goff officiating. Burial was in the Friendship Cemetery. Pallbearers were Shane Stout, Michael Thompson, Curtis Thompson, Billy Joe Thompson, Ferrell White, Danny Marvel, Kevin Carroll, Shane Buck, Roy Kirkland, Lindsey Eicher, Kent Epley, and Dallas Hadley. Memorials may be made to Circle of Life Hospice, 901 Jones Rd., Springdale, AR 72762.

I am still getting organized but I am making progress!

As readers of my blog know, I have struggled for years with actually getting organized.  I have been through every planner or planning method I could find over the years!

I have found something that finally works!  I have downloaded the PDF Version of the Best Self Company’s Best Self Planner.  The PDF and the Best Self Journal are meant to be used as a paper planner but those don’t work for me so I converted the PDF into a digital planner by importing the PDF into the Goodnotes app on my IPAD!  This is actually working for me!  I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I am making continual progress on my goals for the next three months!

The Self Journal Website:

The Self Journal PDF Download:

The journal keeps me focused on the important things and to celebrate the stuff I did get done that day/week so that I don’t focus all the time on the stuff I haven’t gotten to yet but instead spend some time celebrating what I did finish!  This helps me to not get discouraged by all that still needs to be done.

I also like the gratitude sections to help me appreciate what I have and the good things in my life.  I thought when I first started using the BSJ (Best Self Journal) that this would be one of those sections I wouldn’t really use but I do enjoy it.  I am feeling better now.  Even when things don’t go as planned, the Gratitude Sections help me to be thankful and hopeful instead of always thinking of what I don’t have or what I want for the future.  Sometimes you just need to refocus so that you can appreciate the now and not always be thinking of what you can have in the future.  I need to focus on appreciating the journey and not the end result some of the time.

More to come soon,


I am actually becoming more organized!

I bought an IPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and the Goodnotes app.  With these tools I am able to use a planner just as I would a paper planner.  The handwriting on the IPad with the Apple pencil is excellent and I am able to write with the legibility and flexibility of a pen and paper but my planner never grows in size.  I can add as many pages as I want and it never grows an ounce!  My bag with my planner no longer causes me to lean to one size or have back aches from carrying around the notes and planner pages that I need to have available in my work!

After using the iplanner and several other planner versions on the IPad over the past several months, I am trying out a Self-Journal PDF file from the Best Self Company.  They have a PDF file available on their website for people to try the planner.  I am modifying it somewhat to suit my needs but with the Goodnotes App I am able to add in pages as I need them but use the structure of the goal setting and daily planning with the gratitude sections to start and end each day, I am finding myself concentrating on the things that matter and not just checking off items that need to be done!   I have only been using this format for a few days but I think it is going to work and still allow me the flexibility to have plenty of notes with the planner.  I like the structure for only three months at a time.  I think this will help me keep realistic goals and time planning!

I am also striving to become more organized in my home and office settings by reducing the clutter in my life.  I am trying to reduce the clutter in my digital files, the physical clutter in my home and office and car, and just the cluttered feeling of everything in my life.  I am beginning to make progress in the past couple of weeks as I am using the self journal to organize my time.  I am not de-cluttered yet but I am getting there!  Progress is the goal for this area as perfection will probably never be realistically achieved!

More to come soon,


NWA Genealogy Conference

I was honored to be a speaker at the Family History Conference of Northwest Arkansas this past Saturday.  I really enjoyed the discussions in the classes that I taught and I hope that all who attended had a great day and found some useful information in those classes.

I also was able to attend a couple of the other classes at the conference and as I always do when attending a genealogy conference I found some useful information in those classes and had a very enjoyable day.

Thanks so much to those who worked so hard to make the conference a reality for another year.  I have attended almost all of the conferences since they started several years ago and each conference has been an enjoyable and educational conference.

To any who attended my classes (or other classes at the conference) I am making my presentations available on my dropbox.  I believe the links to the dropbox is on the CD of handouts from the conference but if it isn’t or you didn’t receive a CD just send me an email and I will send you the link!



Spring is here!

It has been almost three months since I have added a post to this blog.   The early part of this year has been very busy for me.   I have had a lot going on at work and there have been several personal issues that have kept me from working on my genealogy or updating my blog.  Some of these issues have been resolved so I am trying to get back to my genealogy and blogging.

I am really excited to be a speaker at the upcoming Family History Conference in Springdale.  I have been a speaker there several times in the past but personal issues kept me from attending or speaking at last year’s conference. The conference is Saturday, April 22nd from 8am to 445pm.

I will be teaching two classes:  Go Live on the Internet Sharing your Family History and Genealogy Software including Mobile Apps.  I am really looking forward to teaching the classes and to attending other classes at the conference!

The Conference is open to the public and free!  Hope to see you there!

I am also trying to get back into my genealogy. I am starting a genealogy Do – Over for 2017 and I have decided to use Family Tree Maker 2017 as my genealogy software.  The new version is set to be released later this week pending results of the latest Beta test. I will post information about my progress in later posts.


More to come later,


January and February have Come and Gone!  March is almost half gone too!

Getting Organized Status

Well, as usual I have fallen off the bandwagon on my getting organized resolution.  However, this year I am determined to persevere!  I started off February with a new try at keeping myself organized.  I have changed my system somewhat but I am determined to be organized this year. I was using a combined digital/paper system for most of February.    I like the feel of writing my notes on paper.  I want to be able to go back and review the notes and my daily activities.  I was using my iPhone and iCloud to have my tasks and calendar organized.  Being able to access my tasks and calendar wherever I am is invaluable!

As I moved through February and into March I have determined that the paper planning just isn’t working for me.  I have once again went to a digital system but this time I have commited to using OneNote as my planner.  I have setup my planner in OneNote by creating a notebook for each year and then a section for each month with a page for each day of the month.   I created the entire year ahead of time so that I can plan for the future without worrying about setting up new pages.  Also, now that I am using onenote, I have reviewed my previous notebooks and I am organizing all my notes into the same format notebook.  I am planning to spend some of this next weekend finishing this organization of all my old notes so that when I need to find a note I have taken in the past I can search all my old notes through the OneNote search features. I need to have information with me all the time especially without breaking my back to carry my planner!

Work-Life Balance

I have been working on my work-life balance during this past three months.  I am trying to be more “present” in the moments with my family and not always thinking about work even when I am not at work.  I actually am spending more time with them and enjoying that time more.

Using my digital planner, I think I am becoming more focused at work!  My notes are keeping me organized and with the new keyboard that I got for my planner I am able to type my notes and have them be searchable!  I can actually find the note that I took about that meeing or on that project without having to carry a 40 bag with me all the time!
More to come on my quest to become organized in the coming months!

I hope to add more genealogy information over the weekend!

Happy New Year!!

I am spending the first part of the New Year getting myself organized and trying to make some of New Year’s resolutions come to be reality!

My First Resolution

This year as it has been on many past New Years is to get myself organized! This year I am trying to make that resolution become a reality. In previous years I have made somewhat half-hearted attempts and then just accepted that I would be as organized as I wanted this year either and just went on with my life as it was. This year I am working to make that different!

I am spending some time each week planning my next week and trying to be realistic about what I will have time to do in the next week! I am also working to plan each day first thing in the morning.

My Second Resolution

My Second Resolution is have a more balanced life. I have been becoming something of a work-a-holic in the last few years. I have been drifting away from my hobbies and spending less time with my family. I am working to get more balance in my life and to get back to a balanced life. This is working with the organized life. If I can become more organized then I can be more productive in less time and still have time to enjoy other parts of my life.

I have a couple of other resolutions but I will probably not be discussing them on the blog.

This is going to be the year that I actually achieve my resolutions!

Hope everyone is having a Wonderful New Year!


Merry Christmas

I am sitting here on this Christmas night watching old Christmas movies and reflecting on the year that is ending in one week and the year that is to come.  This past year has had its ups and downs but overall it was a pretty good year.  Some things that had been bothering me have been resolved through the year.  There were some sad times and there were some really good times, as there are many years.

Today was a good day!  Most of my family was here to celebrate Christmas together.  Everyone has enjoyed their presents but I think mostly we just enjoyed spending the day together and enjoying each others company.

As I look forward to the new year, I  am developing plans and goals to accomplish in the next few months.  I am planning for a productive year both at work in my personal life.

More on my projects in the next post!