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July 2014 Updates

July 2014 Updates

Well another month has passed.  I have gotten some research done this past month but not as much as I hoped.  I always seem to think I can get more done than I actually seem to accomplish.  I am trying to become better at planning my time but that is an ongoing struggle for me!

My surface pro that I got a few weeks ago is helping me a lot.  It is good to always have all my computer stuff with me whereever I might be.  I don’t have to worry if it is on my home computer or my tablet or my phone – now it is just on my surface!  Some of the stuff is also on my phone due to cloud sharing but everything I have been using is on my computer.  It doesn’t have the 4G capabilities that my tablet had but then again I can use my phone for a wifi connection if I need one.  But with everything on my computer from when I last used it I don’t have to worry about something not being synced because this is the same computer I was using the last time I used a computer!

A few months ago I switched back to Family Tree Maker 2014 and although I have reviewed other software again for a weekend or so I am finding that it works best for me and I am sticking to it for the ability to merge my findings from Ancestry directly into my tree without spending all my time doing data entry!  Even with the programs having shared events, it is still easier to do a merge from Ancestry Family Trees and then sync with my Family Tree Program.

I have done some work on my website this past month.  I finished up the pages for my great-grandparents.  Not to say that I won’t be adding more stuff to their pages later on as I get the rest of the photos and documents added to their information in family tree maker but at least I have a page for them.

During August, I am going to try to get a page created for all 16 of my 2nd Great-Grandparents.  I am also going to get in the August Book of Me Prompts as well as catching up on at least 4 of the previous Book of Me posts.  I will be lucky to get all this done so that is my goal for the month!


President Richard Nixon’s Resignation – 40 years ago today

By Carroll Kilpatrick
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, August 9, 1974; Page A01

Richard Milhous Nixon announced last night that he will resign as the 37th President of the United States at noon today.

Vice President Gerald R. Ford of Michigan will take the oath as the new President at noon to complete the remaining 2 1/2 years of Mr. Nixon’s term.



Read the story of President Richard Nixon’s Resignation – 40 years ago today.  The Washington Post article also contains some links to the stories of the historical background of the events leading to the resignation!  It might also be time to check out the movie:  All the presidents men.  It is one of my favorite movies.


Dear Myrtle is hosting a GeneaSleepOver!

  WHATGeneaSleepover24 hour Hangout on Air WHENSunday, 20 July – Monday, 21 July 2014beginning at 6pm Mountain Time(see more details about date/time zones below) DearMyrtle’s Blog has more details about how to participate:  http://blog.dearmyrtle.com/2014/07/dearmyrtles-geneasleepover-worldwide.html   Hope to see you there (well virtually see you at least! )   Kellie

Personal Updates

I haven’t been blogging much lately and I haven’t really been doing any of my personal genealogy for the last few months.  I seem to have lost interest in my genealogy and pretty much anything genealogy-related for the past few months.  I don’t really know why or what changed but in the last few weeks I have begun to resume my research.  I am currently using the Family TreeMaker 2014 software with the Family Book Creator Book Plugin and the linked Ancestry Family Tree.  I also use the Ancestry App on my tablet so that I have my genealogy information handy wherever and whenever I want to review it.

I have tried all the main computer genealogy software programs as well as most if not all of the lesser known software.  I have used some of the others quite extensively but none of them have everything that I want.  I have a full-time job as well as several family concerns so I don’t have time to get to archives or research facilities.  Therefore, I tend to do most of my research online in the evenings.  A few weeks ago I treated myself to an annual subscription to ancestry as well as the affiliated Fold3 and newspapers.com.

I am starting to add my family history information to my website again but I wanted a way to do it without taking a lot of time to create the pages.  I have found a method that seems to be working.  I use the Ancestry Family Tree Story View options to create the page for the ancestor and then create the website page for each.  I am starting with my direct line ancestors but I may include other relatives later on.  For now I created a Family History Page to start that is an introductory page.  I then created sub pages for each of my grandparents.  From the grandparent pages, I created sub pages that are for the associated great-grandparents.  And so on…

I seem to be using my software more now and I am beginning to feel more engaged in my family history research.  I also have made plans to attend the NGS Genealogy Conference that is in Missouri in May 2015!  I am really looking forward to this trip.

More to come …  Soon I hope!





Week 1 – Blogs

One of the first genealogy blogs that I discovered was the blog of Dear Myrtle.  She shared family stories and published a wonderful series on getting organized.  She started on AOL in the 1990s as one of the genealogists who published articles under the genealogy-related keywords of the AOL system.  She has been online since 1985 and has changed to use the new technologies as each has developed including blogging, podcasts, her own YouTube channel and new versions of genealogy software as it is released.

She is as down-to-earth and friendly in person as in her online podcasts, posts, and YouTube videos.  I met her at the 2009 genealogy conference in Little Rock, Arkansas and it was a pleasurable experience.

I still follow her blog posts.  She gives excellent advice for the beginner to the advanced genealogist.  Check out her blog at http://blog.dearmyrtle.com/.


Week 1 – Blogs: Blogging is a great way for genealogists to share information with family members, potential cousins and each other. For which blog are you most thankful? Is it one of the earliest blogs you read, or a current one? What is special about the blog and why should others read it?

What Is Abundant Genealogy?

There are so many websites, applications, libraries, archives, genealogy societies and other resources for which many of us are grateful. We live in a time of “abundance” when we can take advantage of many ways to expand our genealogy research and ways in which we document our family history.

While we might be aware of many of these resources, posting about them on your blog serves several purposes:

  • You make others aware of the resource – remember what is obvious to you might be the first time another genealogist has heard about the resources.
  • You also let others know how you use that resource. Share your “inside knowledge” as well as your tips and tricks. Again, another genealogist may sit back and say, “Wow, I never thought of using it like that!”
  • You give thanks and recognition to the providers of that resource. A thank you not only goes a long way, but it also lets them know why you like that resource.