These are some of the obituary clippings that were in my grandmothers' boxes of documents and photos.  I am sharing them to help others in their research.  I am identifying the original newspaper or other original source of the clipping when known.

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I am sharing some of the many family photos that I copied from the photos and documents in my grandmothers' boxes.  I am also sharing some of the family photos from friends and relatives that I have collected over the years.

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My Genealogy Journey

My genealogy journey began with the photos and clippings from my grandmothers.  I always had an interest in the photos of my grandparents, their parents and even their parents' parents.  I wanted to know who the people in the photos were.  Unfortunately, many of the photos didn't have any information on the back as to the contents of the photos.  I am still trying to identify those people.  Help me out by visiting the Unidentified People gallery!

Later, I wanted to know about their lives.  What did they do each day?  Who were their children?  Did my grandparents have siblings?  Did they still see each other?  What were their lives like?  The questions were seemingly endless and they still are today!  I still have many questions about the lives of my ancestors.  I have answered some of those questions but the answers to those questions only led to more questions.


My Family History

Join me on my journey. Look at the family histories of my grandparents ( my family history) and see if you are related!  If you have any information on any of the family history information I show on this site, contact me and we can share information!