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First Photos used in a Newspaper

Today is the anniversary of the first photographs used in a newspaper.   From Answers.com here is a description of how the first photos appeared in the newspaper:


July 1, 1848. The first instance of photojournalism occurred during the Paris Riots of 1848, when an enterprising French photographer known only as Thibault scrambled to a rooftop to chronicle the events. Taken on June 25 and 26, the two resulting daguerreotypes show first a deserted street, the rue St. Maur, with barricades, and then the same street with insurgents and the military in combat. Wood engravings were made of the daguerreotypes, and on July 1, 1848, the images appeared in the weekly newspaper L’Illustration Journal Universel. More than 3,000 Parisians lost their lives during the June revolt.

Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/first-photographs-used-in-a-newspaper-report#ixzz37yetXH2w

Hee Haw Debuts

Hee Haw debuted on 15 June 1969 (about 6 months after I was born and a month before the US landing on the moon) on CBS television.  It was cancelled in 1971 but continued in syndication for over 20 years (until 1993).  It was a fun show!  I remember watching it as a kid and then later in reruns.  I still catch an occasional episode now and then.

Leaves of My Family Tree Blogiversary

Today is my third blogiversary!!

I began my genealogy research over twenty years ago now. There have been periods of days, weeks, or even months when I haven’t done any genealogy research but I always seem to keep coming back to genealogy to find just a little more information on those who have gone before me.

I have had a website to show my genealogy for the vast majority of the time I have been doing genealogy. At first, I used direct coding to get my website online. Later, I tried various online websites and software programs to create my website. I used those methods to both display my actual genealogy information and to share my discoveries and to discuss how I found them.

Then in 2010, I discovered WordPress! I enjoy using WordPress to create my website. It makes it much easier to share my genealogy discoveries and my joy at the discoveries.

I hope that my blog readers have enjoyed reading my blog for the past three years as much as I have enjoyed writing them! More to visit come in the next year!!