I am still getting organized but I am making progress!

As readers of my blog know, I have struggled for years with actually getting organized.  I have been through every planner or planning method I could find over the years!

I have found something that finally works!  I have downloaded the PDF Version of the Best Self Company’s Best Self Planner.  The PDF and the Best Self Journal are meant to be used as a paper planner but those don’t work for me so I converted the PDF into a digital planner by importing the PDF into the Goodnotes app on my IPAD!  This is actually working for me!  I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I am making continual progress on my goals for the next three months!

The Self Journal Website: https://bestself.co/products/self-journal

The Self Journal PDF Download: https://bestself.co/products/self-journal

The journal keeps me focused on the important things and to celebrate the stuff I did get done that day/week so that I don’t focus all the time on the stuff I haven’t gotten to yet but instead spend some time celebrating what I did finish!  This helps me to not get discouraged by all that still needs to be done.

I also like the gratitude sections to help me appreciate what I have and the good things in my life.  I thought when I first started using the BSJ (Best Self Journal) that this would be one of those sections I wouldn’t really use but I do enjoy it.  I am feeling better now.  Even when things don’t go as planned, the Gratitude Sections help me to be thankful and hopeful instead of always thinking of what I don’t have or what I want for the future.  Sometimes you just need to refocus so that you can appreciate the now and not always be thinking of what you can have in the future.  I need to focus on appreciating the journey and not the end result some of the time.

More to come soon,


January and February have Come and Gone!  March is almost half gone too!

Getting Organized Status

Well, as usual I have fallen off the bandwagon on my getting organized resolution.  However, this year I am determined to persevere!  I started off February with a new try at keeping myself organized.  I have changed my system somewhat but I am determined to be organized this year. I was using a combined digital/paper system for most of February.    I like the feel of writing my notes on paper.  I want to be able to go back and review the notes and my daily activities.  I was using my iPhone and iCloud to have my tasks and calendar organized.  Being able to access my tasks and calendar wherever I am is invaluable!

As I moved through February and into March I have determined that the paper planning just isn’t working for me.  I have once again went to a digital system but this time I have commited to using OneNote as my planner.  I have setup my planner in OneNote by creating a notebook for each year and then a section for each month with a page for each day of the month.   I created the entire year ahead of time so that I can plan for the future without worrying about setting up new pages.  Also, now that I am using onenote, I have reviewed my previous notebooks and I am organizing all my notes into the same format notebook.  I am planning to spend some of this next weekend finishing this organization of all my old notes so that when I need to find a note I have taken in the past I can search all my old notes through the OneNote search features. I need to have information with me all the time especially without breaking my back to carry my planner!

Work-Life Balance

I have been working on my work-life balance during this past three months.  I am trying to be more “present” in the moments with my family and not always thinking about work even when I am not at work.  I actually am spending more time with them and enjoying that time more.

Using my digital planner, I think I am becoming more focused at work!  My notes are keeping me organized and with the new keyboard that I got for my planner I am able to type my notes and have them be searchable!  I can actually find the note that I took about that meeing or on that project without having to carry a 40 bag with me all the time!
More to come on my quest to become organized in the coming months!

I hope to add more genealogy information over the weekend!